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2 – 8 October 2017

TypeTech MeetUp 20/21

TypeTech MeetUp previously conceived as in-person conference in Munich is shifting online with 4 short sessions spread over 10 months with 4 topics:

• UI/UX & Type
• Multiscript & Web Typography
• Tools & (collaborative) Font Design
• Type Design & Society

The second session to the theme of Web Multiscript & Web Typography will be held online on the 26th February 2021, starting 16:30 CET.

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TypeTech MeetUp has been created to fill a gap: it needed a place where font engineers and designers, web designers and developers, industry experts and tech & business professionals can exchange ideas on technical topics and develop a better designed future together.
The TypeTech MeetUp is a forum to jointly develop, discuss and document the current state of font technology as well as create a platform for the exchange of best practices, to advance the state of the art and to promote the integration of font technologies into the future of digital communication.

Speakers at TypeTech MeetUp

Type Designer and Typographer

Titus Nemeth is a type designer and typographer. His internationally recognized practice spans commercial and cultural work, with a focus on Arabic and multilingual design.

Web Developer

Hui Jing is a self-taught designer and developer living in Singapore, with an inordinate love for CSS and typography. East Asian typography has always been a challenge on the web due to the sheer volume of glyphs in those typefaces. Chen shows what is currently possible, but also touches upon potential solutions for the existing challenges.

Front-End Developer and Trainer

Sara Soueidan is an independent design engineer based out of Lebanon. She works with companies and agencies around the world, helping them build more inclusive UI foundations with strong focus on responsive design, progressive enhancement, accessibility, and performance, using the latest front-end and design techniques. In 2015, Sara was voted Developer of the Year in the net awards.

Typographer and Graphic Designer

Elena Ramírez, co-founder of Ashler Design, is responsible for bringing digital projects to live and fruition. Elena is primarily in charge of UI and UX design and crafting websites and applications. After working alongside type designer Octavio Pardo, and with several independent foundries, she has now specialized in web typography.

Type designer and researcher

Sahar Afshar is a type designer and researcher from Iran. Her interest in typography during her years as a student at the University of Tehran led her to the University of Reading, from which she holds an MA by Research in Typography & Graphic Communication.

Type designer and developer

After his recent return from Amman, German born artist Yanone works as a freelance type designer and type technology developer from a shared office space in Dresden. Next to ongoing ventures into Arabic type design catalysed by his collaborations with Amman based branding firm Syntax, he is currently focussing on the open source and crowd funded Type.World project.

Freelance Font Engineer

Simon Cozens is a freelance font engineer and typographic tools developer. He is the creator of the open source typesetting engine SILE, a truly multi-script layout engine; the author of “Fonts and Layout for Global Scripts”; and the developer of many scripts and plugins for the Glyphs font editor.

Type Designer

Irene Vlachou is a typeface designer working somewhere between Bristol and Athens. She holds an MA in Typeface Design from the University of Reading, UK. She collaborates with international type foundries and corporations as a typeface designer and as a consultant on numerous projects specialising in the Greek script. Since 2013 she has been senior type designer at Type-Together foundry and more recently the variable font expert.

Design Freelancer

Stefan Nitzsche is a freelance designer, developer, consultant and educator who enjoys designing and building beautiful things people love to use.

Generative designer & animator

Toni Mitjanit lives and works in Spain. He is Bachelor in Computer Science in 2002, Ph-Degree in Computer Graphics on Internet in 2002, Master in Multimedia Production & Creation in 2007 and Degree in Photography in 2010. He works at the level of media, video art, computational art, generative design and experimental animation.

Critic and design writer

Linda Kudrnovská is a natural born critic and design writer. She has been the managing editor of 365typo and 52typo: Stories on type, typography and graphic design annual books and the editor-in-chief of Typo, a Prague-based magazine focused on design and typography and regularly contributes to a number of other European periodicals. She takes part in international design-oriented projects and juries and is a member of the ATypI Board of Directors.


Saskia lectured on the topic of typography and UX design at various conferences (last at the Future of Reading 2019, Münster) and also published articles e.g. on typography on medical package inserts.
Saskia is member of the international working group “Lesbar ­– Typografie in der Wissensvermittlung”, which aims to improve the quality of typography in knowledge transfer.

Interface Designer / Typographer

Julia Hilt works as an interface designer and typographer, specialised in digital healthcare and scientific topics. Her fascination for User Interfaces, UX and typography led her to study Interface Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam, where she is now pursuing her master’s degree. In her work, she focuses on bringing well-crafted digital typography to the web.

Industrial Designer

Claudia Friedrich focuses on the user experience design for digital products since more than 20 years within the industrial and medical context, for premium consumer products and the logistic area. She is managing director for the business unit interface design at zweigrad Design in Hamburg and develops design strategies for digital products and eco systems.

User Interface Typographer

Frank Rausch is a user interface designer, app developer, and typographer. He is co-founder and managing partner at Raureif, an award-winning interaction design consultancy based in Berlin. In his work, Frank Rausch explores how technology and code can shape high-quality digital reading experiences. He teaches app design and typography at design schools in Austria, Denmark, Germany, and Switzerland.

Type and Digital Product Designer

Niteesh is Type and Digital Product Designer researching on better typography & standards of future interfaces for AR headsets. He is now exploring ways to implement text with capabilities equivalent to modern tools used for designing user interfaces.

TypeTech MeetUp

Please find more information on the sessions here: TypeTech



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